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Our mission is to better the lives of those we touch.  Our foundation is exceptional service, personalized care, and cutting edge treatments.  We work hard to continuously improve our accessibility, service, and quality.  We strive to build lifelong relationships with our patients and referring providers.

Two Atlanta Area Locations


1557 Janmar Rd
Snellville, GA 30078

Johns Creek

10730 Medlock Bridge Rd
Johns Creek, GA 30097

What our patients tell us

“If you are reading this regarding Advanced Urology and Dr. Patel, you are one lucky person. I will confine my comments to those who are facing prostate gland issues and decisions. I had a radical prostatectomy on August 31, 2016.

I found Advanced Urology three years by doing a simple Google search when told by my primary care physician that my PSA values were climbing and he felt a nodule on my prostate gland. That was my lucky day.

A biopsy at Advanced Urology revealed that I had cancer, but given the limited number of affected sectors and Gleason score, Dr. Patel felt that a period of “watchful waiting” was justified. In other words, he did not “jump to the knife” conclusion. I was 69 at the time.

Fast forward three years: The number of affected sectors increased as well as the Gleason score. Dr. Patel calmly took me through the treatment options, pros and cons and said he would support my decision. At the same time, he was not reluctant to give me his recommendation that would give me the lowest risk possible, factoring in my good health and my age. I will emphasize that he did not “sugarcoat” the side effects of all options.

I made my decision based on my medical test results, his highly understandable interpretation of those results and his reputation as a preeminent Urologist and a highly skilled surgeon, especially using the robotic technology. According to the pathology report, the cancer was confined to the prostate gland. Therefore, I strongly feel his advice was sound and will always be grateful to him for leading me through a decision making process that lead to the current lowest risk scenario.

The side effects are not pleasant: Such is life.

To all of you going down this road, I have nothing but the highest regard for his knowledge, skill and ability to communicate with a patient. I am highly confident with his recommendation and my decision to use his practice. Without question, he has the most efficient, caring medical practice I have ever seen.

To reiterate and emphasize again, if you are reading this, YOU ARE ONE LUCKY PERSON. Best of luck to you!”


J. Kohler

“This is the most amazing doctors office I have ever been to. They are friendly, courteous, prompt. I was dying in pain from a stone, I was nauseated, and miserable. They took swift action and took care of me right away. Dr Patel’s awesome nurses got me comfortable and they took me to the operating room to take care of my problem right away. Couldn’t be more satisfied or happy. Delighted with my experience. I have already told everyone!”

Megan K.

“My husband and I love Dr. Patel! I never knew a kidney stone could be life threatening, but he was key in getting me through a difficult time medically. He not only is a talented doctor but he has the best bedside manner I have ever experienced and kept my husband and family well-informed and thinking positive through almost three weeks in ICU. His staff is also amazing!”

L. Marshall

“This place rocks! You can feel it in the environment when you first step through the door. The entire practice is very friendly and is obviously super-efficient. They have something special going on here and I truly hope that they will continue to recruit and retain good people. Way to go Advanced Urology! Every other practice in the Atlanta needs to sharpen their pencils and wake up to the fact that these guys have established a new status quo! I could keep going but I will digress, enough said.”

J. Joyce

“I am most impressed with Dr. Patel and his quality staff. It’s really a team effort they provide for your healthcare. When you call during the day, they respond quickly to answer your questions and the same at night or on the weekends (which I did). They also take time to answer all your questions and you don’t feel rushed at all. The nursing staff at the hospital is also impressed with Dr. Patel and his team which I felt added to the care experience there. I highly recommend Advanced Urology. With other quality healthcare facilities in the Atlanta area, I felt that I was lucky to find them here in Snellville. It feels more like a family atmosphere than a doctor’s office.”

M. Reed

“Was just reflecting on how grateful I am to be alive celebrating Christmas this year. The 1st Healthy, Cancer Free, Christmas in 3 years… All THANKS => to Dr Patel & Everyone @ Advanced Urology. Thank-You for saving my Life (twice), comfortably using cutting edge technology to its fullest and I really appreciate the upbeat attitude that every single person at Advanced Urology has when dealing with patients such as myself. I have never been to any doctor who takes time to talk & listen to a patient – then clearly explaining the options available… Thanks Again.”

K. Sentell

Advanced Urology

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